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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Presentations: i vs I pronunciation

i: vs I pronunciation

The plan is as follows: first it is necessary to show a PPT called Pronunciation album – vowel sounds involved – in this blog). Then show the PPT called Pronunciation, the hangman. Present the list of words –minimal pairs basically- organize Ss in two large or medium-sized groups depending on the number of words (it can be women or group 1 and men or group 2) show them the same words they practised before but in different order and without colour distinction. Each correct pronunciation is worth a C, and each mistake an I, for each mispronunciation click on any part of the slide except the boxes for C and I. The gallows and the hangman will start appearing as mistakes grow. If the mistakes are ten (i: vs I) or seven (ae vs a:) before completing the exercise the group loses and the hangman shows full length body. If group(s) succeed(s) completing the exercise, they can see the hangman at the end, just to see what would have happened if they had made too many mistakes.

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