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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Bump - Vocabulary

Hi, now we have the term "bump". It's very easy to remember what it means. We are paying attention to two of its meanings:

First meaning: observe this picture and tell what the kid has on his head.

Well, that's a bump, a head bump. It must have been painful.

Second meaning: observe the picture below, the tyre is just on the bump.

And this is a speed bump. Easy to remember, right?

Actually the meaning is the same in the two cases: "a round, raised area on a surface or on the body"

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Wake - vocabulary

Have you heard of the word wake? Do you know what it means?
Watch the picture and the video below. You'll see a wake in the picture and then a girl surfing on a wake.

Then you will see a video showing another meaning of wake, completely different from the first one
Here you see people meeting at someone's wake.

What are the two meanings of wake? One is about ships and water and the other about very sad situations for families.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Tantrum - Vocabulary

What does the word tantrum mean?
Watch the video. The kid in it has a tantrum.

Can you explain now what tantrum is?
Check out pronunciation above in Cambridge dictionary box.

In this video a baby girl has a temper tantrum. A relative of hers stops it effectively.

Sew on a button - Vocabulary

What does the phrase sew on a button mean?
Watch the video. Then sew on a button saying the instructions you heard

Not sure about pronunciation of the phrase? Enter Cambridge dictionary above.

Changing the speed of an audio - Listening

Click here:

Your weight in gold - Listening

Taken from Deepenglish
You can listen low speed and then faster.
Do you know how to change the speed of an audio without losing quality? Do you want to know? Be ready for the next post.



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